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Alison Croggon, the life of a theatre critic

Anyone living in Melbourne and part of the local theatre scene will know who Alison Croggon is.


New years resolutions in the arts

2011 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: Welcome to 2011! ArtsHub asked around for some of the New Years Resolutions of our arts…


Thredbo Blues Festival

The Thredbo Blues Festival, this year featuring Geoff Achison’s Classically Blue, Blue Heat, Jeff Lang, Christina Crofts, Gail Page and…


AUDITION SERIES: Common audition mistakes

There are so many things in auditions that are beyond you’re control, that have nothing to do with talent and…


A career as a freelance journalist

CAREER ADVICE: We’re told the bell tolls for journalism. Newspaper circulation is down across the globe, newsroom floors are running…


The Davidson Brothers head to Tamworth

THE DAVIDSON BROTHERS: Hamish Davidson, one half of the Davidson Brothers, combines his Scottish roots with his Gippsland upbringing and…


ArtsHub's top Australian arts leaders

TOP ARTS LEADERS 2010: To mark the end of 2010, well nearly, we’ve pulled together our thoughts on who we…


AUDITION SERIES: What to expect at an audition

AUDITION SERIES: Fantastic, you’ve got an audition. But now, that you’ve stopped jumping up and down, the nerves have set…


AUDITION SERIES: Preparing for an audition

AUDITION SERIES: How will you know when you’re prepared for your big audition? Try saying these lines and see how…


Alice in Wonderland

PYMBLE PLAYERS: This year’s Christmas production at Pymble Players is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland'. Performed…

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