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A person in an orange top manipulates two puppets - an old woman in a wicker chair and a young boy with a yellow jumper and orange hair. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

Performance review: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Claremont Showground

A puppetry show that lovingly explores an intergenerational bond.

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With Toni Scanlan as Patricia Highsmith, renowned Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith weaves a torrid web of wit and mystery in…

Four people lie entwined in a group, they are all wearing white or cream coloured clothes. Closer. La Boite Theatre.

Theatre review: Closer, La Boite Theatre

An enthralling tale about the contentious nature of love and lust.

West Side Story by Opera Australia. A dark harbourside long shot of two young lovers - Tony and Maria - standing on metal balcony embracing, with a cityscape behind them.

Opera review: West Side Story, Sydney Harbour

A stunning revival production of Opera on the Harbour’s biggest hit musical.

Akaraka. A dark set with two people of African appearance, a woman with braided hair and a wraparound shoulderless costume, wearing a red necklace and an older seated man, dressed in regal robes with a red hat.

Theatre review: Akaraka, The Substation

Akaraka grapples with topics related to the West African diaspora in Australia.

Teeth and Tonic. Two young women sit on a couch looking at a phone with raised eyebrows. One is in a short black dress with a red shirt over it and on the right is one with brown/black trousers and an apricot top.

Theatre review: Teeth and Tonic, La Mama Courthouse

An exploration of misogyny but leavened with humour and friendship.

A group of physical theatre actors make a pyramid with one person on the top holding a megaphone.

Performance review: Future Proof, Darebin Arts Speakeasy

Physical theatre that asked the hard questions, but needed a little more fine-tuning.

A ballet dancer dressed in a white frog costume is in mid air with his legs kicking out behind him. On the stage is Alice, with shoulder length dark hair, wearing a purple dress and carrying a red rose. Behind them is an image of a cottage on a wall hanging; it looks embroidered.

Ballet review: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Arts Centre Melbourne

An immersive spectacle, sure to unsettle and astound lovers of the classic tale.

Swansong. A man in a singlet with his arms crossed is staring straight ahead.

Theatre Review: Swansong, Theatre Works

A one-man play packs a solid punch.

Qui a tué mon père. A man sits on a stage in front of a backdrop projection of an open road.

Theatre review: Qui a tué mon père (Who Killed My Father), Adelaide Festival

A personal polemic addressing France’s neglect and contempt of the working class poor.

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