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A woman is kneeling in the middle of a stage, with her head back. Plumes of fire are coming out of her mouth

Performance review: Limbo – The Return, The Grand Electric

Strut & Fret hits the mark with this bacchanalian mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics. 

A teenage girl with her brunette hair in a ponytail is wearing school uniform and looking over to the side.

Theatre review: Punk Rock, Clubhouse Theatre, Townsville

Young, emerging actors shine brightly in this school drama.

Right side profile of teenage girl who's reading a script. She's facing a camera. A projected image of a man and a woman is presented on a screen above on the left hand side.

Performance review: POV, Belvoir St Theatre

Two child actors and 36 unrehearsed adult actors participate in an engrossing mash-up of stage and screen techniques. 

A man in a white shirt, black pants and tie is standing in front of an office set. He's got on hand on his hip and another pointing at the viewer.

Theatre review: The Gospel According to Paul, Sydney Opera House

Jonathan Biggins returns for another season in office as our former Prime Minister.

Two figures stand on a dark stage, one is wearing a suit jacket and very close to the camera with only the upper body visible. Another stands further back, with curly black hair, black clothing and a solemn expression.

Theatre review: The Audition, Bunjil Place

Finely-crafted theatre laying bare the lived experience of refugees and asylum seekers.


Theatre review: Blackout Songs, Red Stitch Actors' Theatre

A two-handler about alcoholism and memory.

RISING. Against a burning sun going down two figures that look like prehistoric monsters or dinosaurs face off. But are they just performers in flowing costumes?

Performance review: ANITO, RISING Festival, Arts House

Costume, puppetry, drag, dance and experimental electronic music combine to interrogate colonial wrongs.

Theatrical group on stage

Life’s too short not to be creative – so take a course

Take the next step, and give your creative passion more time with a short course at TAFE SA.

Sprung Ensemble member, Sinead Skorka Brennan in ‘O, How I Dreamt of Things Impossible’, 2020. Photo: Kate Holmes. A performer on a darkened stage with a colourful bodysuit. The performer lowered their body, supported by their arms and legs like a spider pose.

What does a disability-led audition process look like?

With an ensemble call-out and funding for new work, Sprung Dance Theatre is building upon existing disability-led frameworks to expand…


Theatre review: Julia, Southbank Theatre

The life and times of Australia's only female Prime Minister to date.

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