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'Hajji and her daughters', an artwork by Amani Haydar. Image: Supplied, courtesy of Amani Haydar.

Arts with law: a complementary and powerful combination

Creating social change and addressing the inadequacies of systems around gendered violence, through arts and law's intersection.

eventually everything connects. Image is of woman with hair up wearing a read patterned dress and sitting with hands in lap.

Book review: Eventually Everything Connects, Sarah Firth

This debut graphic novel is a series of visual essays that explore interconnectedness.


Empowering mid-career artists to create bold new work 

The journey of an artist often requires a "day job" to maintain the freedom to pursue their creative practice. By…

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Graphic Novelist

Yawuru artist, creator and graphic novel author Brenton McKenna was among Australia's first published Indigenous graphic novel authors.


How a focus on storytelling and character equips would-be writers with essential skills

Authenticity and passion are at the core of the courses run by Story Studios Australia.


Why queer comic books are the next target of the culture wars

Queer graphic novels are the latest target of moral panic whipped up in the current culture war.


Queer culture is under attack: fighting back

How can we reframe the conversation around drag story time events and stand up to the far right?

The spines of six books are shown lined up against a greenish-yellow background.

Small presses shine in Stella shortlist

Six ‘culture shifting’ books have been shortlisted for the $60,000 Stella Prize, which recognises the best books by Australian women.


New regional festival celebrates queer writers

With events across Victoria in centres such as Shepparton, Traralgon, Warrnambool and Geelong, Q-Lit aims to connect the queer community…


8 Australian graphic novels everyone should read

Whether you're new to comic books or looking to expand your reading list beyond the Big Two (Marvel and DC),…

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