Arts with law: a complementary and powerful combination

Creating social change and addressing the inadequacies of systems around gendered violence, through arts and law's intersection.
'Hajji and her daughters', an artwork by Amani Haydar. Image: Supplied, courtesy of Amani Haydar.

A national crisis of gendered violence taints Australia, with government statistics revealing one in five women have experienced sexual violence while over a quarter have experienced family or partner violence. Outrageously, the systems that are set up to ideally protect victim-survivors continue to address the issue inadequately and even harmfully.

From gendered violence to inhumane asylum policies and police discrimination, lawyers and artists have always been at the heart of pressuring for and actioning important systemic changes. Despite often being framed as two separate disciplines at opposite ends of the creativity spectrum, law and arts are undoubtedly interconnected and, when combined, are a potent mix for advancing justice.

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Leo Chau is a freelance writer living in Western Sydney on unceded Dharug land. He currently studies journalism at UTS, hoping to contribute to promoting diverse voices in the arts and media. His topic interests are varied, some of which include multiculturalism, politics, culture, sociology and history.