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A dark-skinned woman with curly hair stands in profile to the camera. She is wearing a disposable surgical mask.
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A show to die for

Chronically ill and disabled people are already familiar with judging risks to their lives. What can they teach the performing…

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From page to stage: bringing cartoons to life

Judy Horacek describes the process of working with the Flying Fruit Fly Circus on a show inspired by her cartoons.

Opinions & Analysis

Embracing fear, channelling fury and daring to care

Circa’s Yaron Lifschitz issues a challenge to Netflix, and dares us to reimagine how and why we make art.

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Arts sponsorship raises ethical questions

Can Perth have an ethical and sustainable Fringe Festival?

Opinions & Analysis

Extraordinarily human: training the next generation of circus artists

Anni Davey joined the Flying Fruit Fly Circus as its new Artistic Director in July. She reflects on a mid-career…

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Why Melbourne doesn’t need a circus festival

Why try and establish a new festival in an already crowded metropolis, when the birthplace of contemporary circus is just…

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Circus training instead of school sports? Now there’s an idea

Social circus can assist young people in developing focus, discipline, teamwork skills and self-esteem, say researchers.

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Why Melbourne needs a circus festival

A handful of shows in the Melbourne Festival or Fringe is not enough; the art form needs a dedicated festival…

Opinions & Analysis

Celebrating the body: circus arts and disability

Circus teaches us to admire the body; can it also teach us to appreciate physical diversity and the differently abled?