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Innovation and the art of collaboration

The digital space needs generalists and collaborators for innovative projects to succeed.

freeplay parallels virtual exhibition space

How virtual events and museums can be better

In the lockdown era, virtual galleries and exhibitions strive for true-to-life immersion, but they're missing one key element. The video…

Minecraft Art Island by Hannah Jenkines

The Joy Of Creating A Pandemic Art Island in Minecraft

People play Minecraft for all sorts of reasons. Hannah Jenkins uses it to recreate large scale, real-world artworks.


Robot art moves from cult to collections

While Squid Game and Ai-Da are trending, what's the state of robots in art? How is it impacting Australian galleries…


NFT rights for artists and buyers

Intrigued by NFTs? A legal expert unveils complexities surrounding ownership, copyright and NFT royalties.

L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped. Image Shutterstock.

How social media is changing the way we experience art

From watching the Arc de Triomphe get wrapped up on Snapchat, to learning art history on TikTok - social media…

Aboriginal kids from cast of NEOMAD film, in Pilbara..

Indigenous-led digital platform changing in-class learning ahead of national curriculum

How a small Indigenous community in the Pilbara is changing the way our kids learn, and is set to shape…

Arts Activated 2021 conference. Image supplied.

Building back better: Disability arts one year on from COVID

A panel of leading arts and disability advocates at this year’s Arts Activated Conference unpacked what we’ve learnt from COVID…

The Master of the 1540s 'Portrait of a young woman.' Photo supplied by AGNSW.

Celebrating creativity on social media during a pandemic

Amidst ongoing closure announcements, the Art Gallery of NSW used social media to help a community connect through a shared…

Rusaila Bazlamit's Re: Visit Palestine, via Lab Tajbiri

Palestine and guerrilla memorials in the digital age

Lujayn Hourani considers the effectiveness of the game-like temporal memorial, Re: Visit Palestine, in tandem with their own personal memories.

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