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Architecture commission reimagines The Parthenon, but is it appropriation?

Graffiti, rock concerts and a call against selective democracy, The Parthenon is ‘defaced’ for a contemporary audience.


Viewing a city through 123 diverse lenses

PHOTO 2022 is revitalising Melbourne CBD (and beyond) with a showcase of installations, exhibitions and walking tours from over a…


Asia Pacific artists headline Sydney Modern commission

AGNSW commissioned nine of the most current artists of our times to create site-specific works for Sydney Modern, due to…


Botanical gardens launch participatory art

Botanical gardens world wide are collaborating with contemporary artists to explore socio-ecological issues and visitors are invited along the ride.


Sculpture biennale explores place across time

What will a sculpture biennale look like if it’s more engaged, critical and reflective? The 2022 Lorne Sculpture Biennale takes…


How Australian artists are reinterpreting colonial sculptures

Artist intervention, truth telling, and public discussion is a step in the right direction to shed light on colonialist monuments.


$14M artwork commissioned by the National Gallery

National Gallery announces major commission of sculpture by artist Lindy Lee to mark 40th anniversary.


63 orgs share $20M in latest RISE round

A new Australian musical based on cult 90s TV series Round the Twist is among the projects to be funded.

Water Lesson Two | Bryony and Harry Lancaster (Egg Of The Universe) for the 23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022)

Corporate partnership with $73M impact that’s democratising contemporary art

The Biennale of Sydney, in partnership with property giant Mirvac, are changing the face of corporate sponsorship across a new…


COVID-chaos disrupts July, hopes for August

SA’s snap lockdown halts Illuminate Adelaide; Australian Festival of Chamber Music cancels 30th anniversary; Winter Jazz Fest hopes for August.