Comedy review: Sarah Keyworth, My Eyes Are Up Here, Town Hall, MICF 2024

The British comic may have had top surgery recently, but they still want you to think about where you direct your eyes.
Sarah Keyworth. My Eyes Are Up Here. Image is a white non-binary person in a white shirt, leaning on an elbow and lying on a padded brown velvet couch.

You know you’ve found a comedian really (Key)worth their salt when they were cursed with the comedy coal of having a really lovely family and totally supportive upbringing, but still manage to make it funny.

Luckily, Sarah* Keyworth is one of those people who can look at the perhaps less mainstream aspects of their life (recent top surgery, employing a male stripper at a queer pre-wedding celebration in a caravan, a friend who marked their birthday with a lesbian foursome) and recount these adventures with a wry and relaxed charm.

But perhaps a lot of that charm actually comes from those seemingly rosy formative years. Keyworth clearly comes from a really wonderful family – a close brother, devoted parents and accepting extended family and friends. Wait ’til you hear the excerpt of a letter from the 85-year-old Joy – you’ll love her just as much as Keyworth does.

* Tiny Sarah wanted a haircut just like brother Tom’s, now they’re after his name too…

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Tickets: $29-$35

Sarah Keyworth: My Eyes Are Up Here will be performed until 21 April 2024 in the Powder Room at Melbourne Town Hall as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) 2024.

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