Comedy review: Brodi Snook: Villain – Encore, The Greek, MICF 2024

Brodi Snook showed the world that the road to assertiveness was both hilarious and shocking as she embraced her villain era.
A young white woman stands side on against a greeny/blue backdrop. She has long wavy light brown hair, bright red lipstick and is wearing a white short sleeved shirt and black pants. Brodi Snook.

Brodi Snook’s Villain addressed the fact that she lacks assertiveness in her life. This extended to apologising to inanimate objects. Hence, when it comes to human interactions, submissiveness has led to difficulties in getting what she wants, such as dealing with a too attractive doctor who gave bizarre medical advice that Snook didn’t have the confidence to dispute. This situation manifested itself at night in graphic dreams, which Snook gleefully read out to a shocked audience. 

The solution was to embrace her villain era and become more assertive. The journey to achieve this was both hilarious and disturbing in equal measure. Snook’s knack for storytelling, combined with a deadpan delivery worked perfectly for this material. The show moved adeptly from pop culture references to female medical issues and long-distance relationships. 

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This was a very polished show with a lot of content particularly relevant for a female audience. 

Brodi Snook Villain – Encore was performed at The Greek from 16-21 April 2024 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

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