How virtual events and museums can be better

In the lockdown era, virtual galleries and exhibitions strive for true-to-life immersion, but they're missing one key element. The video game scene has the solution.
freeplay parallels virtual exhibition space

(This article originally appeared on GamesHub)

I am a tiny lo-fi pixelated body, wandering through a virtual rendition of the Queensland University of Technology. I’m here to see a symposium on game-making, held by Brendan Keogh, a Lecturer in the School of Communication, and a Chief Investigator in the Digital Media Research Centre at QUT. I am plopped outside the main building, at a bus stop. Pale yellow dots dissipate into the sky: the sun is setting as my character walks to the entrance. 

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Claire Osborn-Li graduated from the University of Melbourne after finishing an Honours thesis in Art History. Now she writes about video games, and where possible, examines its intersection with contemporary art and art theory.