Exit interview: Jo Dyer, Adelaide Writers’ Week Director

From director to Writers Festival Director to author to political candidate, Jo Dyer juggles many hats. As she departs her role, we ask how she keeps it all together.
A woman wearing a tellow dress with orange and green stripes (Jo Dyer) stands beside a gum tree.

Zooming with Jo Dyer in the week before her final Adelaide Writers’ Week (AWW) was a masterclass in multitasking. In the time we talked there were emails from cancelling authors, phone calls she acknowledged but didn’t answer and, that staple of working from home, a knock at the door from an unexpected road worker. Throughout all this, Dyer remained calm, yet excited about the festival she launched on Saturday.

With 2022 as her fourth and final festival, Dyer has come to be pragmatic about the changing nature of events and those last-minute changes. ‘We call it when you’re “in the river”, because you’re just having to go with that flow,’ Dyer explained.

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