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Career Advice

Use your cover letter to sum up your application

Essentially, you want your letter to summarise and compliment your resume and point a prospective employer to the most relevant…

Career Advice

Keep a check on your internet life

We all have some form of social media that might show us in a not so flattering light. But did…

Career Advice

Keep a portfolio

These days, employers don’t just want to know that you’re qualified for a job, they want to see concrete proof…

Career Advice

How will the interview be structured?

While interviews aren’t always the same, they often follow a pretty general structure that once you’re aware of can help…

Career Advice

What to wear to an interview

Whether your male or female you really want to avoid looking like you're heading to the Spring Races.

Career Advice

Don’t be late

First impression count and arriving at an interview late, flustered and with excuses is likely not to count in your…

Career Advice

Reaping the rewards of research

At every stage of the job seeking process you need to do your research. And it starts even before a…

Career Advice

Addressing Selection Criteria

The selection criteria statement is a means to give real-life examples of what you’ve done and show an employer the…

Career Advice

How to apply for the Centrelink coronavirus supplement as a sole trader

The Federal Government has announced a supplement to Jobseeker payments from 27 April, with some waived requirements for sole traders.…

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