Helen Hopcroft

Helen Hopcroft is an artist, writer and producer based in Maitland. Her erotic novella, The Nights, will be published by Spineless Wonders and launched at the 2024 Newcastle Writers Festival. Helen's next show is Score - a unique blend of live music and storytelling - coming up at Oxford Cabaret Festival and IF Maitland. Helen can be found on Insta at @myyearasafairytale

Helen's Latest Articles

Shadow Boxing. A bare-chested man in profile takes a boxing stance.

Theatre review: Shadow Boxing, Emerging Artists’ Sharehouse, Sydney Fringe

A raw and vivid production exploring the crossover between masculinity, sexuality, violence and identity.

Wolves. Close up of a man looking into the distance. In the background are projections of some black shadowy creatures.

Theatre review: Wolves are Coming for You, Emerging Artist Sharehouse, Sydney Fringe

An adult fable from an exciting new theatre company about a town under threat.


Musical review: Mamma Mia!, Lyric Theatre

The feel-good extravaganza featuring ABBA hits returns for a tour across the country.


Theatre review: The One

An exploration along racial lines about belonging and identity.


Theatre review: Creativity

This satirical survey about the downgraded status of the arts in higher education feels frighteningly real.


Theatre review: A Flying Photon

An award-winning science performer illuminates in her unique show about particle physics.


Theatre review: Chef, Kings Cross Theatre

A powerful monologue about food, consumption and life in restaurant kitchens.


Comedy review: I've got 99 problems and here is an exhaustive list of them

A night of spiders and freewheeling-absurdist humour.


Theatre Review: Here, There and Everywhere, Bearfoot Theatre, Newcastle (NSW)

An innovative company continuing to break the fourth wall in theatre with their latest show.