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Thunderhead. On the left is a book cover of clouds in a dark blue sky, with large pearls dotted across the cover, and the title running down the sides. On the right is a black and white headshot of a young white woman with long straight hair and a fringe.

Book review: Thunderhead, Miranda Darling

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway, this novella explores coercive control. 

No Church in the Wild. Murray Middleton. Image on the left is an author upper body shot of a white man in his 20s/30s sitting at a wooden table with his hands clasped on the table, and wearing a blue jumper. On the right is the book cover, which features a facade of a block of commission flats with the book's title laid over the balconies.

Book review: No Church in the Wild, Murray Middleton

A complex and confronting story about migrant youth from the towers of Melbourne's inner west, their teachers and the local…

Dirt Poor Islanders. Image on left is an author shot from the thighs up of a young Islander woman all in black with long black hair and her arms crossed in front of her against a red backdrop. On the right is a book cover of an empty yellow drink can with pink flowers wound around it. Winnie Dunn.

Book review: Dirt Poor Islanders, Winnie Dunn

Winnie Dunn's debut is the first novel to explore the diffusion of a Tongan-Australian culture.

The White Cockatoo Flowers Stories. Image on left is a headshot of a man of Chinese appearance, with head turned towards the camera. On the right is a book cover, which is black with an illustration of a white sulphur crested cockatoo sitting on a branch of a pomegranate tree with a couple of the fruits above it.

Book review: The White Cockatoo Flowers: Stories, Ouyang Yu

'The White Cockatoo Flowers; Stories' is the first collection of stories published by Chinese-Australian author Ouyang Yu in English.

Sanctuary. On the left is a full body author shot of a white man in black standing on a forest path with his hands in his pockets. On the right is the book cover of a dusty outback road heading into off towards the horizon.

Book review: Sanctuary, Garry Disher

A gripping story of an unconventional thief who longs for normality.

The Beauties. Image on left is a white woman with long wavy dark hair, wearing a brownish top in front of foliage. On the right is a book cover featuring a 17th century woman in a puffy blue dress holding a flower.

Book review: The Beauties, Lauren Chater

An historical fiction set in the 17th century about female agency, art and power.

Whenever You're Ready. Image on left is a headshot of Trish Bolton, a middle aged woman with grey wavy shoulder length hair. On right is a pink book cover with an illustration of a table laid for tea with a teapot, watermelon and a banksia in a in jar. The title is in green and the author's name in white.

Book review: Whenever You're Ready, Trish Bolton

A debut novel from a Melbourne-based author in which a trio of 70-something women take the spotlight.

Cool Water. On the left is a head shot of a woman with red lipstick and short dark hair, she is looking slightly defensively at the camera. On the right is a blue book cover of a fish in a jar and the title in yellow.

Book review: Cool Water, Myfanwy Jones

Fathers and sons and how damage can be inherited.


Book review: Always Will Be, Mykaela Saunders

Speculative fiction that foregrounds the Indigenous experience.

What I Would Do to You. On the left is an author headshot of a smiling Caucasian woman with large leaf-shaped dangly earrings, red lipstick and short red/brown hair with a fringe combed to one side. The book cover on the right has the title in big black letters over images of cut flowers.

Book review: What I Would Do to You, Georgia Harper

What would you do if faced with the shocking conundrum explored here?

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