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Performance review: Briefs – Dirty Laundry, Sydney Mardi Gras

A Mardi Gras headline act, this queer acrobatic troupe returns for more mischief.

Three people are hanging out of a yellow car, which has cut-off panels. Stunt Double.

Theatre review: Stunt Double, Perth Festival

Inside the filming of a 1970s Aussie action flick – with cast, crew, stunt doubles and volunteers.

Meet Me at Dawn. Two women on a small stage set of a two sides of a broken down wall (with a door in one and window in the other), blue sand beneath. One woman is seated leaning back and the other is standing and gesturing with her palms face up.

Theatre review: Meet Me at Dawn, Arts Centre Melbourne

Losing your bearings in this play about grief and loss.


Performance review: The Wharf Revue: Pride in Prejudice, Union Theatre

In its 25th year, The Wharf Revue is a well-oiled production, but the writing has a few hiccups. 

Seven figures are submerged in a pool. They are all lined up in one lane looking towards the side of the pool.

Performance review: The Pool, Perth Festival

A site-specific location makes this poolside production an innovative treat.

Mutiara, Marrugeku. Perth Festival. A dancer in silhouette in front of a curtain of ropes.

Dance review: Mutiara, Perth Festival

Dance storytelling inspired by Broome’s pearling industry.

The Jungle Book Reimagined. Image is a group of actors on a stage with a backdrop lit blue. They are stretching and crouching, playing jungle animals.

Performance review: Jungle Book reimagined, Perth Festival

A dystopian-tinged dance interpretation of Kipling's classic work.

A woman stands on stage against a black backdrop wearing a short black and red tasselled costumer with long red gloves. She is laughing and grimacing and standing next to a sandwich board.

Performance review: Endhoe, FRINGE WORLD, WA

A comedic exploration of endometriosis, one of the world's most painful diseases.

Candide. A group of flamboyantly dressed 18th century figures gather around a bare chested central figure.

Theatre review: Candide, Palais Theatre

Operatic technique played second fiddle to a hilarious and hugely enjoyable production. 

The Children at Adelaide Festival Centre. Two women and a man stand inside interior of a house.

Theatre review: The Children, Adelaide Festival Centre

Award-winning UK playwright Lucy Kirkwood examines the fall-out from a nuclear disaster.

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