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Australian photography: changing the lens

As some of Australia’s long-standing photographic institutions bid farewell, others are thriving. This might signal a revolution.


Landscape photographers reinvented the colonial project in Australia

Colonial Australia was a product of vision and imagery: literally developed through chemicals, glass and light, says Jarrod Hore.


Australia's newest regional gallery opens

Meaning belonging, Ngununggula is a creative hub long overdue for NSW's Southern Highlands.


How portraiture has changed (or not) in 100 years

On the occasion of the Archibald Prize turning 100, we look at what that history means to contemporary making, drawing…


Charting a region impacted by COVID, we look at the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial

QAGOMAs Head of Asian and Pacific Art reflects on a trajectory of change – and more recent COVID impacts –…


Curatoriums are the new programming superpower

As the Biennale of Sydney unveils its new curatorium, we look at shifting exhibition models in a post-pandemic rethink, as…


Q&A: Artist Wiliiam Yang on growing up gay and Chinese

He has been described as "the storyteller", blurring the boundaries of performance, photography and text to explore sexuality and identity…


Soft politics or celebration? How the arts promote diversity at Lunar New Year

Is it just a calendar date, or is it opportunity to promote acceptance and diversity via the arts? We speak…

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