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Architecture commission reimagines The Parthenon, but is it appropriation?

Graffiti, rock concerts and a call against selective democracy, The Parthenon is ‘defaced’ for a contemporary audience.


First Nations legend who ‘bridged two worlds’ joins Hall of Fame

A proud Yolngu artist with international acclaim, Gurrumul’s songs took Country and Culture far and wide.


Vale the great songman Archie Roach

Archie Roach gave voice, a story, to the experiences of so many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, writes Bhiamie…


Greener music industry the focus of new environmental guide

Sound Country is a step-by-step guide for musicians and bands keen to reduce their carbon footprint and bring fans along…


Queensland music trail receives $20M investment

Slated to launch in 2023, the Queensland Music Trails will combine live performance with unique regional destinations to invigorate the…


Music industry call to arms in election lead-up

16 music industry bodies released a three-point plan hoping to lobby politicians and advance Australia's creative potential.


Why musicians are jumping into variety shows

Maybe it’s time for variety shows to make a comeback, and SUPERGROUP is just one example heading in this direction.

A young man (the Kid Laroi) looks towards the camera

The Kid LAROI scoops the APRA Awards 2022

The 18-year-old rapper was honoured alongside Tones and I and AC/DC at the 40th awards ceremony.


Vale Max Riebl

The acclaimed and much loved countertenor died on Saturday, aged 30.


On the move: Latest sector appointments

Strong appointments in the music sector, including AD for Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and new General Manager at Tura.

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