Modified Souls

ARTS HUB AUSTRALIA — Sunday Francis-Reiss explores the performances of a body piercing troupe that takes the human body to the limits of what it can endure. Threading the body's flesh with hooks before hanging it from ropes, pulling the hooked body in opposite directions, skewering through one cheek and out the other ... Reiss interviews the troupe's two core members to find out what makes them ti
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ARTS HUB AUSTRALIA — The answer’s in the name, and the question is obvious: why put fish-hooks through your flesh and hang upside down from the ceiling?

Rob Valenti and Ben McCullagh-Dennis are the core members of Modified Souls, a Sydney-based performance troupe. Both professional body piercers, they are using their personal rituals and practices to create disarming, unpredictable performance art. Their most recent show was an eleven-minute work involving aerial suspension, pulling and live piercing, and was a highlight of the Lunamorph alternative fashion show at the Carriageworks.

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Sunday Francis-Reiss
About the Author
Sunday Francis-Reiss is a Sydney-based writer and activist.