Arts community pledge for ‘fossil free sponsorship’

A new pledge and database celebrates the commitment to fossil fuel free sponsorship while highlighting the work that still needs to be done.
A poster on a pole featuring a dandelion on a yellow background with the text in black ‘Break free from fossil fuels’.

Creative activism group 350 Australia recently launched a ‘fossil free sponsorship’ pledge to celebrate arts, community and sporting groups that rule out partnerships with coal, gas and oil companies. Early sign-ons, including RISING Festival, La Mama Theatre and Revelation Film Festival, immediately jumped on board to voice their support.

Alongside the pledge is an interactive database that tracks major fossil fuel sponsorships across arts, community and sporting groups. While momentum has been growing to end unethical sponsorship agreements, the database reveals that there are at least 407 current fossil fuel sponsorships across arts, sports, education and cultural institutions. 

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