Why artists need mindfulness

As Mindful in May begins, we consider what cultivating mindfulness can do for creative professionals.
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Mindfulness mediation is in vogue with celebrities singing its praising and countless courses, articles, and workshops promising to make you a guru. But beyond the buzzword, mindfulness has been proven to enhance immune function, increase positive mood and focus attention, make you look and feel younger, and improve mental health. What is more, mindfulness has specific benefits for creative professionals.

For artists who rely on a clear mind to nurture creativity, often face uncertainty in their careers, and have a greater susceptibility to depression, a mindfulness practice can be transformative.

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Madeleine Dore
About the Author
Madeleine Dore is a freelance writer and founder of Extraordinary Routines, an interview project exploring the intersection between creativity and imperfection. She is the previous Deputy Editor at ArtsHub. Follow her on Twitter at @RoutineCurator