Through the queer lens

Midsumma Festival and PHOTO 2024 join forces to present 'Queer PHOTO', with works that are bold, reflective, tender, intimate and courageous.
Still from the film ‘Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped In Black)’ by Derik Lynch and Matthew Thorne, showing as part of Queer PHOTO. Image: Courtesy of the artists. A figure wearing a gold dress with long hair, standing against a purple and orange sunset in a desert landscape.

This Midsumma Festival, Melbourne’s western suburbs are heating up with a string of hotly anticipated events. Among these is Queer PHOTO, jointly presented by Midsumma and PHOTO 2024 International Festival of Photography.

The series of exhibitions and events showcases intimate queer and trans narratives, as well as bla(c)k identity, while exploring spirituality and Indigenous culture. It brings not only Australian artists but the work of artists from around the world to Melbourne.

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Jessi Ryan (they/them) has been creating performance and exhibitions for the past 20 years, both locally, nationally and abroad- in this time collaborating with a huge number of artists from a broad cross section of cultural backgrounds. As a journalist they have written for and been published by some of Australia’s leading arts and news editorial across the last 10 years-and was recognised as a finalist for Globe Community Media Award in 2021. Ryan has also taken photos for a number of print and online publications.