Jessi Ryan

Jessi Ryan (they/them) has been creating performance and exhibitions for the past 20 years, both locally, nationally and abroad- in this time collaborating with a huge number of artists from a broad cross section of cultural backgrounds. As a journalist they have written for and been published by some of Australia’s leading arts and news editorial across the last 10 years-and was recognised as a finalist for Globe Community Media Award in 2021. Ryan has also taken photos for a number of print and online publications.

Jessi's Latest Articles

‘A Body at Work’. Photo: Darren Gill. Two naked bodies lie on top of each other on a simple massage bed with their heads facing the viewer. A red light is illuminating their bodies.

Theatre review: A Body at Work, La Mama

A dynamite debut solo from Frankie van Kan that delves into the world of strip clubs and sex work.

AIDS quilt on view at ‘Bloodlines by The Huxleys’. Photo: Supplied. A large quilt hangs inside a darkened gallery space with portrait photos of the many who lost their lives in the AIDS epidemic.

Exhibition review: Bloodlines by The Huxleys, Abbotsford Convent

An incredibly moving exhibition that pays tribute to artists who lost their lives in the AIDS epidemic.

‘Ruff Trade’. Photo: Steven Dawson. Two performers in 16th century attire sitting on each side of a wooden table. One is looking toward the other, trying to make conversation.

Performance reviews: Ruff Trade and Trans Woman Kills Influencer, Midsumma Festival

‘Trans Woman Kills Influencer’ leans into the modern day, while Steven Dawson’s ‘Ruff Trade’ is a devilishly good tragedy set…

Still from the film ‘Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped In Black)’ by Derik Lynch and Matthew Thorne, showing as part of Queer PHOTO. Image: Courtesy of the artists. A figure wearing a gold dress with long hair, standing against a purple and orange sunset in a desert landscape.

Through the queer lens

Midsumma Festival and PHOTO 2024 join forces to present 'Queer PHOTO', with works that are bold, reflective, tender, intimate and…

Jess McAvoy’s ‘The Search’ performing as part of Midsumma Festival 2024. Photo: Jen Macchiarelli. McAvoy (short blond hair, tattoos covering their arm and wearing a guitar behind their back) looks towards the camera, standing against a back background with soft lights.

Performance reviews: The Search and Trevor Ashley: The (First Annual) Farewell Show, Midsumma Festival

At Midsumma Festival this year, Jess McAvoy presents an unforgettable performance in ‘The Search’ and Trevor Ashley revealed the dark…

Work by David Lee Pereira, 'Puppy play', 2023 (left) and Thao Tran, 'Serving Opulence', 2022-23 (right). Image: Supplied, courtesy of the artists. On the left is a painting of a cheetah wearing a bdsm mask licking its nose against a pink faded to blue background. On the left is the painting of a woman with long black hair lounging and holding a plate of oysters between her legs.

'The artist is sacred' – holding space for queer narratives

The annual 'Summer Daze' exhibition returns to Off the Kerb Gallery. ArtsHub speaks to gallery owner and exhibiting artists on…

Photo: Bruno Pires on Pexels. Photo of a mirror shattered on a gray surface with the reflection of a person's hand.

RED Gallery changing hands, artists still owed money

After speaking out on payments owed by RED Gallery, artists are now worried that new ownership will delay their settlements…

'A Night with Pastor Ace' by Ace R L. Image: Supplied. A non-binary person standing with their hands held in prayer, wearing a rainbow blazer and a dildo with googly eyes on their shoulder.

Conversion practice survivor spins story to comedic gold

Ace R L's 'sacrilegious musical comedy' brings their experience of church-led conversion practices out of the dark with humour, authenticity…

Exterior photo of Temperance Hall. Image: Supplied. Vintage photo showing a white brick two-storey building with the words 'TEMPERANCE HALL" on it and several Volkswagon Beetle cars parked in front on the street.

The battle for Temperance Hall

A significant space where artists have 'free rein', Temperance Hall is facing closure by mid-2024 due to ongoing funding woes.

‘BLAKTIVISM 2023’ performance at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne. Photo: Pics That Pop. First Nations performers on stage wearing brightly coloured clothes against a projected background of a raised fist. In the foreground audiences are giving the performs a standing ovation.

Performance review: BLAKTIVISM, Hamer Hall

A potent First Nations performance with stirring vocals, storytelling and words of protest.

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