The art museum pushing boundaries in a surprising location

Hidden on the University of Queensland's St Lucia campus, the UQ Art Museum serves as a creative think tank building innovative collaborations.
UQ Art Museum. Image is two people wearing white shirts standing in a river with VR headsets on.

Nestled among sandstone buildings and a quiet, leafy campus, the University of Queensland’s (UQ) Art Museum finds its general public foot traffic non-existent. Those who manage to discover it cross a small bridge to enter the large grand entrance. Inside, a bright and airy two-storey gallery awaits. The UQ Art Museum heralds itself as a ‘site for progressive and contemporary creative enquiry’. 

The building is an enigma that raises many questions. Why does a university with no visual arts program have a large art museum? How has it attracted various contemporary artists from across the world to show their work? What does being a ‘site for contemporary creative enquiry’ mean practically? And exactly how progressive can one be in a sandstone university?

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David Burton is a writer from Meanjin, Brisbane. David also works as a playwright, director and author. He is the playwright of over 30 professionally produced plays. He holds a Doctorate in the Creative Industries.