David Burton

David Burton is a writer from Meanjin, Brisbane. David also works as a playwright, director and author. He is the playwright of over 30 professionally produced plays. He holds a Doctorate in the Creative Industries.

David's Latest Articles

Billy Fogarty, a non-binary actor, performing on stage. Image is a performer downstage in a black top and black hat, with one hand on their hip and the other touching their lower neck. Behind them in the background is a figure in dark trousers and a light shirt.

New possibilities: casting and training non-binary actors

The industry and training institutions are rushing to keep up with a softening of gender binaries.

The Toorak Synagogue is Melbourne's latest new music venue.

New music venue to host classical concerts with a twist

The Toorak Synagogue will host non-traditional classical concerts in 2024.

A fire destroys a new circus venuee.

Circus venue devastated by fire

Barely a year after opening, Brisbane's newest circus venue has been rendered completely out of order.

UQ Art Museum. Image is two people wearing white shirts standing in a river with VR headsets on.

The art museum pushing boundaries in a surprising location

Hidden on the University of Queensland's St Lucia campus, the UQ Art Museum serves as a creative think tank building…

Greater City Shadows. Image is an author shot of a smiling middle aged man with a receding hairline resting his palm on his cheek and wearing a grey suit jacket over an open necked blue shirt. Inset is an image of the book cover, with an abstract green front.

Book review: Greater City Shadows, Laurie Steed

This collection of short stories is an intimate and evocative appraisal of relationships.

gawimarra gathering. Image on the left is a book cover with a pale yellow background and long gum leaves and bell shaped flowers hanging down. On the right the author shot is an upper body picture of a smiling woman with long black hair and a fringe, wearing a dark brown shirt and brown cardigan, with her arms behind her back and some trees and a building behind her.

Book review: gawimarra gathering, Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane's latest poetry collection reflects deeply on Country, culture and kinship.

The Lucky Ones. On the left is a headshot of a smiling woman in a black top with shoulder length blonde hair. On the right is a book cover with the title across an orange life jacket.

Book review: The Lucky Ones, Melinda Ham

Six Australian immigration stories across time and place.

RENT: The Musical. Image is a diagonal shot of a line-up on stage of young men and women looking off to the left and singing.

Musical review: RENT: The Musical, QPAC

This latest iteration of Jonathan Larson's hit show will captivate a new generation of music theatre lovers.

New research will source more information on dance injury. Image is two women at the back of a studio in front of the barre, watching a woman in red in mid balletic leap.

Targeting dance injury at the source

New research will examine the health literacy of the pre-professional dance community.

Analysis of Creative Australia data proves a useful litmus test in the health of the sector. Image is the torso of a man in a blue shirt counting piles of coins.

Creative Australia funding shock results show a sector on the brink

Analysis of public data shows some initial cuts, with more funding to be announced later this year.

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