18 rules for freelancing from home (from the archives)

With COVID-19 getting more of us working from home, we looked at some timeless advice on how to freelance in your jammies from editor Jessica Perini.

Whether you’re an artist, writer, designer or editor, freelancing from home is like the ultimate heaven. You can pick and choose the jobs you want from a multitude of contracting work. You can break for coffee when you want, watch Netflix, or even work in your birthday suit. But freelancing can quickly transform into the ultimate hell, if you’re not careful.

You, being the boss, can turn into a tyrannical power broker; piling on the work and accepting all jobs to the point of exhaustion. You can end up working longer hours than you did in your nine to five gig. Unshowered, unchanged and unshaven, you can lose touch with the outside world.

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Jessica Perini
About the Author
Jessica has over a decade under her belt editing hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles. Currently senior editor Jessica Perini Editorial Services (freelance), her other credits include: structural/copy editor of fiction titles including Bite Me! (Random House, 1999); Deja Vu (Random House, 2000); and How to Lie, Cheat and Steal Your Way to the Top (Paper Clip Press, 2004). She is co-author of The Write Stuff, an anthology of short stories (Sutherland Council Press, 1991); and If You Cry You Won’t See Me in Your Dreams, poetry anthology (Macarthur University Press, 1991), and has written for numerous publications. She holds a BA (Communications/History), Hons (History); publishing and editing course (NSW Writers’ Centre).