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Australian Dance Awards announced in Melbourne

Bangarra Dance Theatre and choreographer Lucy Guerin have picked up major awards two years running.


Creating a new home for contemporary dance

How do you persuade your state government to give you $340,000 to transform an old picture theatre into a new…


Dead white males and gay dancers: challenging stereotypes part two

If you think that classical music is all about dead white males, or that there’s something unmanly about male ballet…


Why all young men should learn to dance

Fitness, teamwork, agility, creativity: the benefits of learning to dance far outweigh the pressures of avoiding a ‘girly’ pastime.


I want to dance better with VR

Virtual reality enables the audience perspective to leave the stalls and become part of the action in a boundary-smashing collaboration…


Dance Massive diary 2017

ArtsHub's series of snapshot reviews of work presented as part of Dance Massive.


A memorable year of dance ahead

Making memories for the young, preserving them for the elderly, dance has diverse powers.


Australian dance: in search of a style

The contemporary dance sector is a vibrant one, but is there anything about its work that is distinctively Australian?


Attracting new audiences to contemporary dance

By turns abstract and emotive, celebratory and confronting, contemporary dance can be a difficult art form to sell to audiences.


Matthew Bourne encouraging boys to dance

An outreach program will encourage young men and boys to change their perceptions of dance as part of the Melbourne…

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