Comedy review: Blinded by the Whites, Daniel Muggleton, FRINGE WORLD, WA

A comic who covers a wide range of topics, from gender and intergenerational differences to political and economic issues.
Blinded by the Whites. Image is a man in glasses with a thick moustache wearing a red and white striped track suit top and resting his chin in his palm.

Daniel Muggleton is a celebrated Sydney-based stand-up comedian who has performed around Australia, in the UK and elsewhere. An accomplished performer, Muggleton has his audience at the FRINGE WORLD Festival in Perth roaring with laughter at his observational comedy about Australian culture and everyday life. Muggleton’s shows generally speak to middle Australia and he brings his combination of quick wit and a provocative bent of mind to most subjects. 

He talks about the cavalier disregard (verging on antipathy) for politicians among Aussies and contrasts this with the American veneration of political life. Intergenerational differences and disagreements come in for some gentle and not-so-gentle ribbing. Gender differences in wedding planning are pondered. Perth with its FIFO*-dominated lifestyle elicits a bit of cheerful derision (and ostensibly some envy). 

There is something for everyone in this show. Muggleton’s take on politics sidesteps the messiness of polarising debates. He touches on some cultural and economic hot button issues without being consumed by them, using a gentle prod rather than a sledgehammer. Even so, there are a few edgy moments in the show. He has a dispassionate and slightly caustic view on most things. His commentary on local issues and idiosyncrasies from a Sydneysider’s perspective gives the show a bit of extra zing.

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Muggleton’s comedic technique is almost contemplative. He has a well-thought out and cohesive set that also accommodates the spontaneity of audience interaction and banter. He has a finger on the pulse of national and international news, and even delves into a bit of history. Thoughtful, clever and unperturbed, Muggleton delivers the goods at FRINGE WORLD in Perth. 

* (fly in fly out)

Blinded by the Whites
Performer: Daniel Muggleton

Comedy Lounge Fremantle and The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe
Fringe World, Perth

Tickets: $25-$34

Daniel Muggleton will perform until 18 February 2024.

Arjun Rajkhowa lives in Perth and enjoys writing about local arts and culture.