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Education & Student News

Me and my mentor: Britt Salt and Hannah Gartside

Visual artists Britt Salt and Hannah Gartside are both interested in real bodies moving through their installations. They were paired…

Education & Student News

Why I studied ... Bachelor of Design (Interior Architecture) at QUT

During COVID, artist S-J Botham went back to study, finding a passion for design and its potential to create social…

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Court Artist

ArtsHub speaks with the courtroom illustrator responsible for capturing the criminal trial of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain.


Queensland champions for neurodiverse artists

Neurodiverse artist Martin Edge and Pia Robinson are encouraging others to see through a different lens with a new augmented…


Curators' responsibilities in spotlight as Chinese audiences feel 'let down'

A group of Chinese students have raised concerns over the curatorial approach of a show depicting some of the country's…


Blockbuster survey of Victorian art and design returns a decade on

Melbourne Now 2023 will showcase new and exciting works by local artists and designers working across Victoria today.

Night of the Nerds

Where science and the natural world converge through the arts  

A diverse range of art forms are being used to communicate serious scientific and natural world facts in fun and…