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Two men are holding up paper puppets that are dressed in the same clothing as they are. Hare Brain.

Theatre review: Hare Brain, Claremont Show Grounds, Perth

Inanimate objects came to life in this rendition of the hare and the tortoise tale.

A woman wearing a cardboard crown. She has a black top over a light blue skivvy. La Belle Epoque.

Theatre review: La Belle Epoque, Theatre Works

A multimedia play that interweaves different art forms to tell the story of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

A woman wearing a fancy ruffly red dress and tiny matching hat is standing in front of a pop art sign that says 'Popera.' She has one arm stretched out.

Performance review: Popera: Sex, Death & Politics, The Butterfly Club

Uma Dobia plays a feminist icon in 'Popera', ready to stamp out opera’s entrenched sexism in sparkly knee-high boots.

A man in shadow is crouched over in the centre of the room. Around him are four people, two standing on chairs. They are throwing bit of paper in the air. The lighting is awash in red and white spotlight. Elegies: A Song Cycle.

Theatre review: Elegies: A Song Cycle, fortyfivedownstairs

A new production company makes its premiere with a slick and funnier than expected rendition of songs about losing loved…

Three panels. A man is on the left, a woman on the right. The middle section is bare except for a wooden household object. The panels are lit inside but there is darkness surrounding them.

Theatre review: Macbeth (An Undoing), Malthouse Theatre

The Scottish play returns with a few modern twists and a (muddled) feminist focus on Lady Macbeth.

A crouching crowd all in black wearing gold masks.

Performance review: Mysterion: Descent Into Hades, Hellenic Museum

An immersive, interactive production where the audience has to undergo quests to unlock the secrets of immortality.


Theatre review: Little Blue Dot, Monash University

What do a team of astrophysicists have to do with making children’s theatre?

Two men dressed casually in hoodies stand between another man who is stuck inside a tall, caged structure.

Theatre review: Famished Future Feeders, New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts

Exploring diverse elements of a darkly dystopian future, this well-staged production features promising new talent. 

A woman dressed in pants and a long coat is standing in front of a large screen with an image of a close up headshot of a fuzzy pink and long-haired creature with fangs.

Theatre review: Dracula, Roslyn Packer Theatre

Director Kip Williams returns with his third 'cine-theatre' production of a Gothic trilogy.

Two young women are seated and looking at each other, hand in hand. The one on the left is fair, the one of the right is brunette. Behind them is shelving with a collection of glass containers.

Theatre review: Recollection, fortyfivedownstairs

How do you capture and preserve the smell of someone once they are gone?

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