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A woman is standing in front of a red curtain drape. She has dark hair and is dressed in black, with red trim. She is gesticulating, with arms stretched out, dramatically.

Cabaret review: The Exotic Lives of Lola Montez, Chapel Off Chapel

A cabaret tribute to the scandalous19th century dancer and performer.

The lighting is blue. On the left a woman dressed up in metallic silver with matching headgear and long sharp nails is looking at a man in a black cloak and a mask on the right.

Performance review: When Night Comes, The Astral

A multi-sensory immersive experience that blends theatre and cocktails.

The silhouette of a woman and a man can be seen behind a lit up sheet. Around them there are planks of wood, greenery and a TV set.

Theatre review: The Last Train to Madeline, Meat Market Stables

A two-hander that tracks an evolving friendship through time.

A woman is lying in a bathtub covered in bubbles. A man in a blue checkered shirt and t shirt sits nearby her and looks down at her.

Theatre review: Cost of Living, Queensland Theatre

'Cost of Living' is a play for our times about the price we all pay to be human. 

A man with a salt and pepper beard is standing to one side and looking into the distance. He is wearing a white tunic and a crown made of flowers and leaves.

Theatre review: King Lear, Neilson Nutshell, Pier 2/3

Bell Shakespeare takes a minimalist approach to 'King Lear' in its first production of the play since 2010 – to…

Two white men dressed in Victorian era garb sit on a stage, either side of a large theatrical costumes/props basket with a decanter on the top of it. One man is draped in a blanket and clutches a glass looking worriedly at the older grey haired man, who also looks concerned but off downstage right, clasping his hands in his lap.

Theatre review: The Woman in Black, QPAC

A powerful production of this acclaimed British thriller has commenced its Australian nationwide tour. 

Death in the Pantheon. On a dark stage two actors are bathed in green light. One can only be seen from the neck down and is holding an ornate drinking contraption, with a red glass case, the other is bending below it to drink.

Theatre review: Death in the Pantheon, Flight Path Theatre

The latest production from Sydney’s Upper Crass Theatre Company is somewhat flawed – but not without its charms. 

Three men and a woman are standing on treadmills. They have their arms in the air.

Performance review: Burnout Paradise, Pony Cam Collective, RISING Festival, Malthouse

A frenzy of tasks performed on treadmills – but to what end?

Close up of four women sitting in a car at night; they are lit from inside the car.

Performance review: The Cadela Força Trilogy – Chapter 1, RISING Festival, Malthouse

A graphic and disturbing look at violence against women.

A teenage girl with her brunette hair in a ponytail is wearing school uniform and looking over to the side.

Theatre review: Punk Rock, Clubhouse Theatre, Townsville

Young, emerging actors shine brightly in this school drama.

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