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Two performers, one is a female opera singer with bright orange hair, and the other is a female acrobat hanging from silks, on a darkened stage. cross art form.

Lessons in cross art form collaboration for audience growth

Three directors share their secrets on how to minimise the risks and maximise the gains in cross art form collaborations.

A theatre with empty seats, positioned here to denote the Australian theatre industry and performing arts sustainability.

New research in performing arts sustainability

A newly funded research project from Griffith University will partner with companies to develop performing arts sustainability policies.

A stylised photograph of a naked woman sinking underwater, he long red hair drifting towards the surface.

Powerful, poignant and a punch to the guts: Breaking the Waves, the opera

Lyric soprano Jennifer Black discusses the joys and challenges of performing in ‘Breaking the Waves’, an opera based on Lars…

Pursuing a career as a dancer comes with financial burdens and an uncertain future. Two dancers wearing light brown workwear onesies in a white space. One is sitting with one foot propped up on the chair, their hand on their head, and another is standing behind in an elegant stance, extending their arms and one leg.

'We make so many sacrifices so our girls can dance'

Dance education is in decline, with financial barriers deterring prospective students and families, finds new report.

Australia has many opportunities for playwrights. This photo is of a simple office desk, with a computer, open notepad, and tea cup.

Exciting opportunities for playwrights

Hardly any theatre companies will accept unsolicited scripts. Most playwrights make their way through prizes and programs. We've gathered this…

An Anglo-Australian man smiles affably at the camera. He has short dark hair, stubble, and wears a white t-shirt. He is standing in front of a light yellow backdrop. Andrew Hamilton.

Prison really is a laughing matter for this stand-up comedian

Andrew Hamilton used stand-up comedy to rehabilitate himself after a stint in jail, and hopes to be able to do…

A string orchestra playing in the atrium of a large retail space in front of a staircase. The musicians are masked and wearing black tie dress, with many colourful dresses included.

The performing arts company breaking every convention in the book … and winning

For a company working in an art form steeped in tradition, the choice to break away from some of its…

A red leaved tree stands out in a forest of green.

The benefits of accommodating neurodiverse performers

Considering the accessibility needs of performers who are not neurotypical will lead to a more equitable sector.

A dynamic photo of a two-piece punk band playing live. A dark haired man in a black t-shirt plays the guitar as he sings into a microphone; behind him a woman plays drums.

Australian musicians in dire straits yet Triple J won’t shift its commercial focus

Why does the taxpayer-funded Triple J consistently play commercially oriented pop at drive time instead of Australian indie?


What killed Darlinghurst Theatre Company?

Darlinghurst Theatre Company entered voluntary administration last week. The complex narrative around its decline is a warning for other organisations.

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