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A teenage girl with her brunette hair in a ponytail is wearing school uniform and looking over to the side.

Theatre review: Punk Rock, Clubhouse Theatre, Townsville

Young, emerging actors shine brightly in this school drama.

Right side profile of teenage girl who's reading a script. She's facing a camera. A projected image of a man and a woman is presented on a screen above on the left hand side.

Performance review: POV, Belvoir St Theatre

Two child actors and 36 unrehearsed adult actors participate in an engrossing mash-up of stage and screen techniques. 

A man in a white shirt, black pants and tie is standing in front of an office set. He's got on hand on his hip and another pointing at the viewer.

Theatre review: The Gospel According to Paul, Sydney Opera House

Jonathan Biggins returns for another season in office as our former Prime Minister.

A blonde woman in a strapless evening gown is standing next to a bathtub, which is on a raised platform.

Performance review: The 2024 Variety Gala, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Festival Theatre

A charcuterie plate of cabaret excellence!


Theatre review: Blackout Songs, Red Stitch Actors' Theatre

A two-handler about alcoholism and memory.


Performance review: Romeo & Juliet Suite, Sydney Opera House

Depending on which night you attend, the roles of Rome and Juliet will be played by three separate couples.

RISING. Against a burning sun going down two figures that look like prehistoric monsters or dinosaurs face off. But are they just performers in flowing costumes?

Performance review: ANITO, RISING Festival, Arts House

Costume, puppetry, drag, dance and experimental electronic music combine to interrogate colonial wrongs.

Never Closer. Four student looking types lounge around a shared house set at Christmas time. One woman brandishes a bottle towards a man and a woman sitting at a table. A fourth man leans to the side wearing a Santa hat.

Theatre review: Never Closer, Belvoir St Theatre

Set against the backdrop of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, this debut play returns for another successful run.

Three actors in orange hi-vis clothes with a huge oval backdrop showing clouds, stand behind a mass of complicated poles.

Theatre review: Multiple Bad Things, Merlyn Theatre, Malthouse

Back to Back's latest production presents another layered look at the intersectional experience of people with a disability.

Ghosts. A young woman in a white dress stands on stage in a dark and gloomy house set with a blue/purple light behind where through the window. There is a lonely chair and piles of books near her.

Theatre review: Ghosts, Theatre Works

A new iteration of Ibsen's work retains the core, but moves the action from Norway to the Australian outback.

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