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A woman with brown hair and a pink dress and an open book on her lap is sitting next to a man dressed up as a beast, with horns and facial hair. There is a backdrop of a library.

Musical review: Beauty and the Beast the Musical, Her Majesty's Theatre

A fun night out for the whole family thanks to theatrical magic and big budget spectacle. 

A woman is kneeling in the middle of a stage, with her head back. Plumes of fire are coming out of her mouth

Performance review: Limbo – The Return, The Grand Electric

Strut & Fret hits the mark with this bacchanalian mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics. 

RISING: A group of three First Peoples and a Caucasian man performing in a rock band with an arch of stage lights behind them. Two are playing guitars, the lead singer is standing on a packing case and one is waving drum sticks.

Performance reviews: RISING Festival, first weekend

RISING Festival is now off and running. Here is ArtsHub's round-up of the performing arts offerings on the first weekend.

A natural rock formation in the rough shape of a window looks out over a river and surrounding Nanda Country. Two children wearing Akubra hats sit in the window, their backs to the camera.

APAM heading to WA

The Australian Performing Arts Market will be hosted in Western Australia by PAC Australia in 2026, 2028 and 2030.

Wild Dogs Under My Skirt. Image is a group of Samoan women on a stage sitting on chairs in a semi circle and holding their fists together in front of them. In the middle stands another woman in a grey dress raising her arms triumphantly. The camera is at the back of the audience so some silhouetted heads are in the foreground.

Performance review: Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, Riverside Theatres

Poetry-based work about being a Samoan woman performed by a multi-skilled ensemble.

So You Want My Arts Job, Illusionist Anthony Street. Dance.

So you want my arts job: Illusionist

From world-renowned dancer to grand illusionist, Anthony Street talks to ArtsHub about his career in stagecraft.

A young white man dressed as Harry Potter branding a wand, crossing that with a star wand brandished by an other young white man wearing devil's horns.

Hairy Potter – selling a show when the author is persona non grata

While the creator of the Potter-verse may no longer be everyone's favourite multimillionaire, there are still plenty in the sector…

Teenage performers in tuxedos and shorts jump out of a white piano in Tempo by the Flying Fruit Fly Circus at Art Centre Melbourne.

Performance review: Tempo, Arts Centre Melbourne

The Fruities jump back onto our stages with a music themed performance.

children's theatre. three performers on stage dressed as cave people attacking each other with clubs.

Performing and creating for children

How creating work for children can enrich not only a performer's repertoire, but also their own personal growth.


Performance review: Maho Magic Bar, Chinatown

Japanese magicians illuminate Chinatown.

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