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A woman is balancing on her arms, with her legs bent back to accommodate a bow and arrow between her foot.

Circus review: Cirque Bon Bon, The Athenaeum

All the circus acts you know and expect, but with a Guinness World Record holding performer thrown in as well.

A group of people all dressed in black leotards are looking up, about to catch a single performer who is dressed in gold and is seen in mid-air. They are standing in front of gold drapery.

Circus review: Duck Pond, Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Circa presented a modern take on Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ and Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’ in a collision of…

A man in motorcycle gear and a helmet is standing outside a large caged dome.

Circus review: The Great Moscow Circus, J L Murphy Reserve, Port Melbourne

The Great Moscow Circus is a great family outing this school holidays.

A woman is kneeling in the middle of a stage, with her head back. Plumes of fire are coming out of her mouth

Performance review: Limbo – The Return, The Grand Electric

Strut & Fret hits the mark with this bacchanalian mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics. 

A female acrobat hanging from silk ropes at height in front of stage curtains.

Circus artists latest to be caught up in changing insurance market

Rising insurance costs are hitting some parts of the sector hard. Among the worst affected are independent circus artists, whose…

‘Club Vegas: The Spectacle’. Photo: Supplied. A group of six performers on stage in extravagant purple body suit and feather on top of their heads on the stage with spotlights on them.

Performance review: Club Vegas: The Spectacle, Athenaeum

All the ritz and glitz of Vegas in this variety show.


Performance review: 360 ALLSTARS, Arts Centre Melbourne

Urban circus delights with musical and world-class acts.

A natural rock formation in the rough shape of a window looks out over a river and surrounding Nanda Country. Two children wearing Akubra hats sit in the window, their backs to the camera.

APAM heading to WA

The Australian Performing Arts Market will be hosted in Western Australia by PAC Australia in 2026, 2028 and 2030.

I Wish... In front of a backdrop of a huge moon in the night sky, four circus performers dressed in yellow, blue, red and green perform, with two performers holding aloft a third who is doing the splits, while the fourth performer stands at the back holding up an Astera light tube.

Performance review: I Wish..., Theatre Royal

Children's circus in a collaborative effort that gently introduced young visitors to physical theatre.

ROOKE perform Nimble at Theatre Royal Hobart. A balding man with a beard holds a hoop up over the heads of an audience of children and parents sitting on the floor. He wears a green T shirt and white shorts.

Circus review: (Excerpts from) Nimble, Theatre Royal

Tasmania's circus troupe presented a show nimble in name and act.

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