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Melbourne Art Book Fair returns for its 10th anniversary. Photo: Sean Fennessy. Photo of different art books with a range of bespoke covers.

Are art books an anomaly in the publishing industry?

As Melbourne Art Book Fair gears for its 10th anniversary, ArtsHub asks how art and design books have survived the…


Move over Millennials, it's time for older women writers to shine

Are the works of older women writers writing about their lives a new Australian publishing trend?

AICA members at the post-congress tour to BWA Tarnów. Photo: Lucy Hawthorne. A small crowd of people standing in front of artworks on a grey wall in an industrial looking space.

Learnings from the International Association for Art Critics' inaugural Academy

The International Association for Art Critics (AICA) held its first Academy in Poland this year, seeking to engage younger art…

art book

All I want for Christmas is a beautiful new art book!

Wondering what literature to buy for the art lover in your life this festive season? ArtsHub has you covered...

Gunasekera. Production still from ‘You're So Brave’. Photo: Rama Dolman. The image shows a female figure holding a microphone in the centre against a stage with red light and two projector panels on each side.

Patrick Gunasekera and Georgi Ivers: two artists and their journeys in crip time

Care can come in the form of time, patience, flexibility and community engagement in a world that still poses so…

White chalk on a black board. The top line is the letter A connected in squiggly line to the letter B, the bottom line is the letter A with a straight line to letter B.

Accessible writing is for everyone

Accessible writing can be divided into two categories: plain language and Easy Read.


CoUNTess – spoiling illusions about the arts since 2008

Revealing the sad truth about gender equity in the Australian art world.


Iconoclastic and empowered: the new wave of Middle Eastern Australian women writers

MENA women writers are gaining momentum in major literary prizes and across the nation’s bookstores, but is this movement iconoclastic?

Sally Beamish's Carnival Samba: Floreant. Opening Applause, AFCM Photo: Andrew Rankin

What composers contribute to a music festival

Sally Beamish and Stephen Johnson were invited to the Australian Festival of Chamber Music as much for their musical insights…


How can publishers best support the authors of trauma memoirs?

Kylie Cardell, Christiana Harous, Emma Maguire and Lydia Woodyatt look at the ways publishers can assist writers of difficult personal…

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