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Book review: The Star on the Grave, Linda Margolin Royal

A novel inspired by the 'Japanese Schindler' and the author's personal ties to his wartime actions.

Two panels. Left with black and white portrait of a woman with dark hair and glasses. Right is cover of a book, called Television.

Book review: Television, Kate Middleton

An ode to the ways in which television nurtures our self-understanding.

Anne-Marie Te Whiu holding a copy of Woven.

Book review: Woven, edited by Anne-Marie Te Whiu

A poetry collection that weaves together First Nations voices from around the globe.

The Next Big Thing. Image on the left is an author shot from the waist up of a smiling bearded man with dark hair, wearing an open necked white shirt and dark jacket, with crossed arms. On the right is the book cover which has the title in big pink upper case letters over an orange and yellow illustration of a boy and a girl holding up the letters of the title, with some Australian big things in the background - a Merino sheep, a pineapple and a prawn.

Book review: The Next Big Thing, James Colley

Easy beach read romcom is quintessentially Australian in flavour.

Greater City Shadows. Image is an author shot of a smiling middle aged man with a receding hairline resting his palm on his cheek and wearing a grey suit jacket over an open necked blue shirt. Inset is an image of the book cover, with an abstract green front.

Book review: Greater City Shadows, Laurie Steed

This collection of short stories is an intimate and evocative appraisal of relationships.

gawimarra gathering. Image on the left is a book cover with a pale yellow background and long gum leaves and bell shaped flowers hanging down. On the right the author shot is an upper body picture of a smiling woman with long black hair and a fringe, wearing a dark brown shirt and brown cardigan, with her arms behind her back and some trees and a building behind her.

Book review: gawimarra gathering, Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane's latest poetry collection reflects deeply on Country, culture and kinship.

Edenglassie. Picture on left is a headshot of a smiling middle aged woman with short grey hair brushed back. On the right is an orange book cover decorated by vintage rifles and spears.

Book review: Edenglassie, Melissa Lucashenko

This epic book traces the lives of two characters over two different timelines.

The Lucky Ones. On the left is a headshot of a smiling woman in a black top with shoulder length blonde hair. On the right is a book cover with the title across an orange life jacket.

Book review: The Lucky Ones, Melinda Ham

Six Australian immigration stories across time and place.

Women & Children. Image is on the left a grey haired man in a white t-shirt and on the right a book cover with a woman in a hat and coat, 1960s style, standing next to a young girl in a confirmation outfit.

Book review: Women & Children, Tony Birch

Tony Birch's latest novel canvasses violence, race and religion.

Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge. Left hand image is a book cover illustration of a large green flask with the book title on the label, right hand image is a young blonde woman with long hair wearing a white top and tilting her head to the right while smiling at the camera.

Book review: Maude Horton’s Glorious Revenge, Lizzie Pook

An intriguing though somewhat far-fetched historical fiction. 

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