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Sidney Nolan’s never-before-seen Auschwitz paintings

Revealing works made by iconic painter Sidney Nolan that document the Holocaust, and impacted the rest of his career.

People standing in a James Turrell light artwork

ACMI’s latest exhibition unpacks light as both phenomena and subject

ACMI's new light exhibition pushes you around – mentally – like a rag doll, wowed by a roll call of…


Who was Picasso in the eyes of his peers?

NGV’s winter blockbuster The Picasso Century offers more than a tale of the lone creative genius.


Will NFTs replace art auction houses?

What role do NFTs play in making information more transparent in the art market? Will they change the future of…


Situating ‘Australian art’ in Japan and beyond

While artistic engagement between Australia and Japan is not new, recent collaborations open up a greater cross-cultural discourse in the…

(Edward) Gough Whitlam, 1972, by Clifton Ernest Pugh

What prime ministers’ portraits say about our leaders

It’s said that a picture tells a thousand words, but how much of our leaders’ true characters are revealed in…


Painters John Olsen & Ben Quilty in conversation

Painters Ben Quilty and John Olsen chat on what it is to place their careers regionally, to face depression (or…


Queer view mirror: new exhibition celebrates LGBTI culture

Selected from over 80,000 artworks, a new exhibition celebrates queer culture, history and desire.


Is Sidney Nolan still relevant?

Through a wave of refocused attention on the Australian modernist icon, there is much to be said on Nolan’s legacy…


Meet the Australian artist whose work was called ‘an affront to masculinity’

Vivienne Binns' work is a bold and confident rebuttal to the male gaze and male entitlement, writes Julie Shiels.

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