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A tale of two Darwin Festival Artistic Directors

Outgoing Artistic Director Felix Preval and incoming AD Kate Fell sit down together to discuss programming, population, and the unique…


How to start and maintain an inspiration board

Starting with what inspires you might be the best way to get your ideas moving from fantasy to reality.


Tips from authors on running school workshops

Here are some recommendations to consider if you've ever wanted to know how to wrangle kids in the classroom as…

Career Advice

Travelling? Savour your time, don't network, says gallerist

After a whirlwind trip to Basel and Venice, MARS Director Andy Dinan offers her advice on how to make the…

Two artists sit on the studio floor, looking at a laptop and smiling. A vibrant painting sits on an easel behind them and picture frames and paintbrushes are scattered around them.
Career Advice

What we wish we’d known when we started working in the arts

Artists and arts workers from across the country offer up advice for their younger selves regarding the things they wish…

a group photo of two clown performers, one female on left and a male on right, playing with children
Career Advice

So You Want My Arts Job: Clown Doctor

A performing arts career that requires a nuanced set of acting and communication skills to succeed. What’s it like to…

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Tips for launching your creative career

A compilation of resources and insights from working professionals to help you get a start in your creative career.

Two people at an outside table with a laptop talking through a project
Career Advice

5 essential skills all arts managers need

Experienced arts professionals reveal the management skills they rely on most to succeed in their jobs.

Career Advice

Makers Q&A: personal boundaries on social media

If you’re finding it difficult to manage your social media presence and personal boundaries, read on for some pro tips…

portrait of curator Sebastian Goldspink
Career Advice

Lessons from an art prize judge

With hundreds of art prizes in Australia offering opportunities, how do you get cut through with your application? We ask…

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