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A female circus performer photographed mid-air with an audience looking on behind her.

Can Australian circus bounce back from pandemic disruption?

How will our medium-sized circus companies maintain international presence and profile post-COVID?


How to make your tour greener

A new toolkit will help performing arts companies reduce the environmental impact of their tours.


Could a purpose-built theatre strengthen Australia’s circus sector?

The proposed 100-seat Borderville Theatre will be specifically designed for circus performances.

Muddy brown water dominiates the phot, which shows a theatre half-sumerged by floods.

Northern Rivers companies focus on flood recovery

After devastating floods at the end of February, artists and arts organisations in the Northern Rivers are now focused on…


The rebuilding of Circus Oz begins

A representative of the newly appointed Circus Oz Board speaks with ArtsHub about the company’s immediate future.

a man pulling back a big red curtain

Festivals meet first open borders since COVID

WA’s opening up phase will coincide with its peak festival period. How are they dealing with these new horizons?


Rebuilding the performing arts: an economist weighs in

One of Australia's best economics brains looks at the good and bad news for the arts as a keynote at…


How an Australian company toured Europe mid-pandemic (plus Tubular Bells!)

Yaron Lifschitz reflects on the challenges of mounting three new works in Europe while half of Australia was in lockdown.

two actors on stage, one male and one female, looking concerned and upset

20 year milestone shows independent theatre's struggle

An independent remount of a work first staged 20 years ago reveals struggles faced by artists since then.


Are local artists enough to save our festivals without international headliners?

Can 'hyperlocal' arts programming save Australia’s previously thriving festival scene? Or are audiences still looking for the big names from…

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