Yes, Because

A genuinely entertaining piece, raw and inextricably funny!
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Yes, Because… is witty, quirky and intelligent. A genuinely entertaining piece, raw and inextricably funny!

Flloyd Kennedy (Romeo and Juliet THAT Production Company, Mary Stuart QLD Shakespeare Ensemble) takes us through her journey of self-realisation in this one woman show.

Integrating Shakespeare’s sonnets, Flloyd (Dame June Bloom) guides us through a montage of words with her clever dissection of the stanzas. Flloyd cleverly weaves the personal conjunctions to her passage through life with the hidden meanings and differing interpretations of the sonnets. This is done in theatrical and cabaret style, captivating the audience with her imaginative and colourful world.

Flloyd takes you from an untimely beginning whereby she enters as if there is no audience present, exhausted after a huge world tour – drifting in and out of self-talk until she discovers our presence. Then the real fun begins!  She connected to the audience through storytelling, utilising her ukulele skills, costume changes and singing to weave the tale. From quoting a 12th Century French Mystic to turning the whole place into an old music hall atmosphere with sing-a-longs with the audience, there was no stopping this whirlwind performance and Kennedy’s 50 years’ experience as an actor/performer shows.

Clowning around, switching accents and performing eclectic parodies delighted the audience who responded with bellows of laughter and cheer.

The whole play explains her mental emotional journey. From a questioning child to a rebellious, smart teenager through to maturity, as a woman who reconciles the relationship with herself and her mother. A very touching resolve to the work. Accepting yourself and the flow of life as they are, this personal insight pulls life apart, laughs at it, the success and the downfalls, and the pure joy of being. All through the eyes of a talented woman, entertainer and teacher.

Staging this work in The New Globe Theatre provided an intimate, informal setting with a feel not unlike the relaxed well-loved venues that can be found in underground Manhattan New York. Where real actors gather and perform. The small downstairs venue was strewn with retro couches and chairs casually offering comfort as well as a soft lit bar. A rather dingy place, yet packed with atmosphere.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Yes, Because….

Written by Flloyd Kennedy
Director Ira Steidnestein
Stage Manager Jade Finley
New Globe Theatre, Brisbane

Sally Peters
About the Author
Sally Peters is a freelance writer currently residing in Brisbane.