Comedy review: Lizzy Hoo: Hoo’s That Girl?, The Victoria Hotel, MICF 2024

Relationship splitsville, online dating and a mishap during a radio interview, Hoo's recent life is rifled for laughs.
Headshot of a woman of Asian appearance with glasses, red lipstick and a bun with strands of hair down each side of her face. Lizzy Hoo.

Comedians are like fiction writers (and poets for that matter); they often inveigle family and lovers into their art. You’re always going to be mined for material if you happen to be associated with someone whose job is retelling their life’s most ridiculous moments to raise a chortle or two.

Lizzy Hoo is one such performer. She’s used her relatives as comedic fodder for a while now and manages somehow to put a funny spin on the most tragic of situations – like her father’s prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment (don’t worry, he’s OK now!).

In this show, Hoo tells us of her split from her boyfriend, their shared custody of an enormous greyhound and her exploits in online dating as a 40-year-old cougar (or “hoogar”). Her frenemy’s bitchy nickname for her as “Dingo” is funnier still. You’ll have to see the show to understand why.

Nothing’s off limits. Going to an all-girl Catholic school and getting excited by news of a flasher (tick!). Then there’s a cringey, but truly hilarious episode in which she relays her failure to make it to the bathroom in time while being interviewed on ABC radio.

Hoo’s a warm and personable performer, comfortable and confident on stage. Sure, she’ll drag her family and friends and lovers into her act, but she’s not afraid to poke fun at herself too, regardless of how embarrassing the situation in which she finds herself. She laughs at herself and invites us to laugh with her… and verily we do!

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Tickets: $30-$39

Lizzy Hoo: Hoo’s That Girl? will be performed at The Victoria Hotel until 21 April 2024 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

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