Yoga and science helping sax players keep calm and carry on 

Saxophonist Nikki Demandolx puts herself to the test to highlight health and wellbeing.

The working life of a saxophonist is not something most people associate with physical injury. 

After all, how hard can it be?

But according to Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts PhD candidate and saxophonist Nikki Demandolx, ‘current research suggests that up to 93 percent of musicians have experienced a playing-related injury.’

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Acting Performing Arts Editor Jason Blake is a career arts writer, critic and editor. He studied theatre directing at the VCA and NIDA, served as arts editor for the Sydney City Hub, edited subscription TV guides and reviewed theatre for the Sydney Morning Herald from 2009-2017. He was co-founder of and recently publications manager for the Sydney Film Festival. He shares his home office with a possum.