Towards continuum: behind the hardware of digital art

Understanding the self and the future in digital art through artists from the Asian Australian diaspora in collaboration with Sugar Glider Digital.

The past decade has seen a rise in hysteria regarding digital art. As the scope of what constitutes new media creation continues to widen, it is tempting to be swept into the anxiety around world domination by advancing technologies such as AI – yet the future of this art genre remains inextricable from streams of fashion, technology and, most cloyingly, its saturation of Sino-Oriental aesthetics.

The cross-sections of technology, futurism and fashion recall many entities. Such include Donna Haraway’s cyborg bodies, projections of Hajime Sorayama in avant garde couture, the full spectrum of neo-noir grading in movie stills from Lost in Translation, amid other ephemera that loosely assign themselves – at least according to the Western imagination – under the East Asian wing of digital art. 

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Karen Leong is a Hong Kong-born writer, journalist and critic. Drawn to reclamation and desire, her body of work operates as semiotic storytellers across art, film and fashion. Alongside her written practice, Karen works across performance and media in bridging the juncture between film and text. You can find more of her work on Vice Asia, Astrophe Magazine, Leste Magazine, and @karen.gif.