Postcard from Hong Kong

Your cultural guide to Hong Kong with art hubs that offer respite from the busy city filled with creativity from the local community.

Hong Kong can be a daunting city to visit. Wedged right between protruding mountains and the sea, as well as between different political climates, Hong Kong is crammed into a tiny, but extremely dense urban space that can easily overwhelm anyone by its sheer sensory overload. Lights are always flashing, car horns are always beeping and people always seem to be rushing off somewhere. It is not merely a city that never sleeps – it seems to be a city that doesn’t even stop to draw breath. 

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Jahan Rezakhanlou is a Swiss-Iranian sound artist and freelance journalist currently living in Naarm, Australia. His writing explores various different themes examining the intersections between art, urbanism, and activism, and generally exploring various cultural narratives from around the world. He has a keen interest in Japanese and Hong Kong culture.