Celebrating creativity on social media during a pandemic

Amidst ongoing closure announcements, the Art Gallery of NSW used social media to help a community connect through a shared sense of humour.
The Master of the 1540s 'Portrait of a young woman.' Photo supplied by AGNSW.

Love it or hate it, social media has been an annoyingly consistent friend during lockdown. Delivering content that makes you laugh, cry and feel relieved that you’re not the only one going crazy.

Amongst the continued frustrations, one of the more beautiful things to spawn out of the pandemic is an opportunity to find new ways to be creative. Ready or not, COVID has pushed the world online and forced us to think outside the box when it comes to reaching audiences.

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Giselle Bueti has written for publications such as The Advertiser, The Adelaide Review, RIP IT UP, BMA magazine and Yewth Mag. Previously, Giselle worked as Arts Editor for The AU Review and Content Growth Editor at ArtsHub. She is based in Melbourne, Victoria.