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Book review: Empires, Nick Earls, Penguin

A multi-layered and ambitious tale spanning centuries and crossing continents.


Book review: The Attack, Catherine Jinks, Text Publishing

A slow-burner that canvasses familial conflict and builds to a violent crescendo.


Book review: The Song of Lewis Carmichael, Sofie Laguna, Allen and Unwin

A hot air balloon journey to the Arctic circle: a tale of friendship and resilience.


Book review: She is Haunted, Paige Clark, Allen & Unwin

A bitingly clever short story collection about life, loss, relationships, and identity.


Book review: The Only One in the World, edited by Narrelle Harris, Clan Destine Press

A prize-winning collection that riffs on the stories and mythology of Sherlock Holmes is sheer, unadulterated fun.


Opportunities and Awards Wrap

Call outs for the Helen Anne Bell Award for Women Poets, National Arts and Disability Awards, Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants…


Book review: Dark as Last Night, Tony Birch, UQP

A collection of stories with shards of light peering through the darkness.


Book review: The Last Guests, J.P.Pomare, Hachette

A panic-inducing thriller with all the right ingredients to keep you guessing to the end.


Book review, The Women’s Circle by Karyn Sepulveda, Ventura Press

A warm incisive novel about help and self-help and the thin line between failure and success.


Book Review: Nancy Business by R.W.R. McDonald, Allen & Unwin

A rollicking coming-of-age mystery, full of sincerity and humour.

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