Raphael Solarsh

Raphael Solarsh is writer and content designer from Melbourne.

Raphael's Latest Articles


Theatre review: Unsolicited Male

A standout performance from Kym Valentine elevates a well-intentioned but uneven #MeToo story


Concert review: Electric Fields + MSO

First Nation's electro pop gets the full orchestral treatment.


Coming Together, Melbourne Recital Centre (VIC)

Adam Simmons and the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble offer an intimate exploration of the craft and beauty in a musical…


Control, Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre (VIC)

Keziah Warner’s play shows that the stage, in its analogue austerity, has something to add to sci-fi.


Review: Rafiq Bhatia, The Jazzlab/MIJF (VIC)

The visceral harmonies of jazz and drone metal come together in true fusion.


Review: Michael Pignéguy, The Jazzlab/MIJF (VIC)

A night of jazz that says ‘jack of all trades, master of …’.


Review: Billy Childs: Rebirth, Melbourne Recital Centre/MIJF

A jazz legend pulls out all the tricks in a virtuoso ensemble.


Review: Love Child by Aksuna

A heartfelt and mesmerising story told in piano.


Review: Yo, Carmen, Arts Centre Melbourne

Bizet’s opera reimagined with a contemporary flamenco flare and an emphatic declaration of freedom.


Review: Swell 4.0 – Music as Medicine

A live-music experience that puts you front and centre of making, listening, sharing and reminiscing about music that moves.

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