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Ann is a guild award-winning film editor and writer:

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Theatre review: Hamlet, Bogan Shakespeare Productions

Misogyny and incest make way for tinnies and Tim Tams in this bogan adaptation of 'Hamlet'.


Performance Review: The Tempest

Shakespeare, but not as you know it!


Review: The Misanthrope, Sydney Opera House

An enjoyable, albeit superficial rendering of Moliere’s work.


Review: Horror, Sydney Opera House

Smoke and mirrors slick enough to fill the most jaded audience with childlike wonder.


Review: Which Way Home, Seymour Centre

Taking the scenic route through the murky waters of a father daughter relationship.


Review: The Man in the Attic, Eternity Playhouse

Violence begets violence in Timothy Daly's thoughtful and provocative play.


Review: Marjorie Prime at Ensemble Theatre

This play opens with some promising questions but ultimately its answers are simplistic and outdated.


Review: St. Vincent at Carriageworks for Vivid Sydney

St. Vincent can carry a 500-strong audience on the voice alone, but the guitar is a hell of a bonus.


Review: Bangarra's Dark Emu at Sydney Opera House

There is no single hero in Bangarra, despite there being plenty of heroism.


Review: Mother’s Ruin A Cabaret About Gin

Despite its flaws, Mother’s Ruin is a hell of an enjoyable performance with a clearly talented ensemble.

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