Leila Lois

Leila Lois is a dancer and writer of Kurdish and Celtic heritage. Her poetry, essays and reviews have been published in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada by Southerly Journal, LA Review of Books, Honey Literary Journal, Right Now, Delving Into Dance and more.

Leila's Latest Articles


Book review: The Tricky Art of Forgiveness, Meredith Jaffé

A questioning survey on the contract and compromises of a marriage.


Opera review: The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny

A classic 90-year-old opera still has topical currency.


Circus review: MATADOR la experiencia

A fire-red fusion of dance, music and circus.


Comedy review: Nat Harris & Hannah Camilleri, Pét-Nat + Han ah Chocolat

Endearingly hilarious skits by the winners of last year's MICF Golden Gibbo Award.


Dance review: Benjamin Hurley's UpAndUpAndUpAndUp

A captivating performance from a rising star.


Dance review: Pia Lauritz, Billy Soy

A fun, neon-lit, slapstick drag performance.


Dance review: We Are Here

The Asian diaspora experience is captured in tumultuous dance.


Dance review: Siren Dance

Seductive and transformative, the siren's call is strong in this production.


Dance review: Passing

A contemporary work that explores our relationship to time.


Book review: Other Houses, Paddy O'Reilly

A gritty tale of class and aspirations and falling deep within the cracks.

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